October 2021

1000 punks were sold

October 2021

Referral program started

October 2021

Start of Marketing company

November 2021

Release the new Website. New design, Mint / attributes / punks pages

Q4 2021

The first Random Airdrop. 10 lucky holders receive 10 random punks. The XMas auction.

January-February 2022

Huge airdrop handcrafted nears punks for accounts with 10 or more punks. Start of the development of an improved website with additional functionality. My collection, list of sold and available NPunks. The uniqueness of punks. Release in a 1 month


January 2022

Start development of marketplace, transfer and punk selling functions. And release in 2 months.

January - February 2022

The big visual update.

February 2022

Start of the development of the Holder Promotion program. Release in 1 month.

March 2022

The launch of a monthly stacking program on the Paras and the start of a program to buy punks from the market.

April 2022

Cooperation with SandBox and purchase of premium land.

May 2022

Announcement and launch of NPunks Lounge Club, a closed community. Launch of PunkLounge and PunkEarn programs within the club. Start of permanent payments to participants for content.

May 2022 - 2023

The large airdrop of NFT NPunks in the SandBox for new punk buyers.

Q3 2022

Alpha testing of our game for all NPunks owners.Publishing information about the game and its features.

Q4 2022

Beta testing of our game.

Q4 2022

The big merch event for all NPunks holders Distribution of branded merch, depending on the number of punks, early investment and other parameters.

Q1 2023

Announcement and development of a DeFi project for the entire Near ecosystem.

Q1 2023

The release of the P2Earn game.

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