Like CryptoPunks, only better. The first unique and largest collection of punks with an ecosystem of projects.

After Cryptopunks, we now have NPunks! The largest popular NFT on Near. With P2E game and products.

Each of these 10,000 NPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system.
Contains 9 aliens, 24 apes, 89 zombies, and 320 bots.



Buyback NFTs


Total Owners

What makes NPunks special?

Our punks are not just pictures. Every person having a NPunk gets a lot of advantages and bonuses including a 50% deduction from income from NPunks products. To do this, we have the OtherVerse ecosystem.

All of its current and future products are aimed at making a profit. And we share this profit with our holders. Additionally, on an ongoing basis we buy punks from the market. The deflationary model works like clockwork.

Keeping a punk is profitable, fashionable, and promising. We are constantly developing, growing,
creating new projects, and we will never stop.And also, we are the first independent and large collection on Near. We are pioneers. We are NPunk!